Oscillation 2020 - "Annual Technical festival of IETE"

Oscillation is a Technofun festival which is the annual tech fest of IETE. “POSTER PRESENTATION” competition was organized by Shivajirao S. Jondhle Polytechnic,Asangaon on 04th March 2020 under oscillation'20k. The event was inaugurated by:
  • Principal Dr.Sneha Jondhle(Shivajirao S Jondhle Polytechnic Asangaon)
  • Principal Geeta Jairaj(Shivajirao S Jondhle Engg and Technology)
  • Vice-Principal Mr. Sandesh Bhadane (Shivajirao S Jondhle Polytechnic Asangaon).

More than 20 students presented posters on different projects from emerging trends of electrical and electronics field .