Student's Grievances Committee

The student’s grievances committee has been formed to keep in check any kind of student related issues problems which interludes the rules and regulations set by the college management. For any queries regarding academic, examination and other related problems, students are advised to contact the below mentioned professors. Any kind of cases regarding the same should be brought to the notice of above mentioned members. Prompt action will be taken there on.


Sr No. Department Name of Professors
01. Electronics & Electrical Mrs.Gunwanti Mahajan
Mrs. Kanchan Patil
Ms.Pranita A. Sarote
02. Civil Mr. Rohan Patil
Mr. Rajendra Bhere
03. Mechanical & Automobile Mr. Bhadane S.S.
Mr. Deepak Patil
Mr.Sonyabapu Shepal
04. Computer & I.T. Mrs.Ashwini Mankar
Mr. Manoj Band
Mr. Mahesh Bhere
05. First Year all branches. Mr.Ramjee R.Singh
Mrs. Gore Chhaya
Mr. Sandeep Parghane
Mrs. K. Padmaja