Anti Ragging Cell



1. Mr. R. K. Nandarge – Principal

2. Mr. Anoopkumar

3. Mr. Deshmukh S.R.

4. Mrs. Borkar B.P.

5. Mrs. Nemade N.R.

If any student is caught ragging another student, he or she can be punished. Ragging within or outside the institution is prohibited under the Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act-1999, under which the candidate involved in ragging, will be punished with imprisonment for 2 yrs. Or penalty of Rs.10,000/-. Also, the student convicted for ragging shall be dismissed from the institute and will not get admission in any other institution for five years.


1. Mr. Manoj Band

2. Mr. Roshan Suryrao

3. Mr. Sandeep Parghane

4. Ms. Gawli Lata

5. Mr. Deepak Bhide

Anti – Ragging Squad shall work in coordination with the Anti Ragging Committee


Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence as established by the Anti Ragging committee of the college, the possible punishment for those found guilty of ragging at the college level shall be any one or combination of the following:

1. Cancellation of Admission

2. Suspension from attending College

3. Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other continuation process

4. Withholding results

5. Debarring from representing the college in any regional, national or international meet tournament, youth festivals etc.

6. Rustication from college for period varying from 1 – 6 semesters. COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT: When the person committing or abetting the crime or ragging is not identified the college shall resort to collective punishment as a deterrent to ensure community pressure on potential raggers.

As per the instructions of Supreme Court of India, each of the students of the institute his / her parents and or guardians are hereby required to submit an affidavit at the time of registration / admission in the prescribed format.

Student's Grievances Committee

The Student's Grievances Committee is intended to find solutions for grievances like physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding class room teaching, class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methodology, infrastructure maintenance and up gradation, etc. if and when they arise.

Sr No. Department Name of Professors
01. Electrical Engineering Mrs. Borkar B.P.
02. Electronics & Telecommunication Mr. Deshmukh S.R.
03. Mechanical Mr. Anoopkumar
04. Computer & IF Mrs. Jagruti Patil
05. First Year all branches Mrs. Nemade N.R.

Women's Grievances Committee

The Women's Grievances Committee is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by female students and staff under Women Grievances at the college. The functions of the cell are to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members of women and also to provide a platform for listening to complaints. It takes care of all complaints and Requirements of women staff and students in the campus and action taken for redressal of complaints.

Sr No. Name of the Member Designation
01. Mrs. Nemade N.R. Secretary
02. Mrs. Borkar B.P. Member
03. Mrs.Bhangale S.P. Member
04. Mrs. Bhot N.S. Member
05. Mrs. Jagruti Patil Member
06. Mrs. Aruna Adhav Member

Staff Grievances Committee

The staff grievances committee has been formed to keep in check any kind of problems/grievances among the faculty in college premises. Following are the members of foresaid committee to ensure proper protection /security of all staffs in the premises.

Sr No. Name of the Member Designation
01. Dr. Shivajirao S. Jondhle Chairman
02. Mrs. Geeta Jondhle Member
03. Dr. Sneha Mane Member
04. Ms. Varsha Jondhle Member
05. Geetha K Jayraj Member
06. Ms. Gore Chhaya Member
07. Mrs. Gunwanti Mahajan Member
08. Mr. Farde Kishor Member
09. Mr. Shivaji Aher Member
10. Mr. Sonyabapu Shepal Member
11. Mrs. Lata Gawali Member
12. Mr. Kishor Jondhale Member
13. Mr. Sandeep Bhosale Member
14. Mr. Lahanu Shepal Member

Online Grievance Redressal

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